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Leadership Workshops

Deborah Moulin at whiteboard

All our Leadership workshops are crafted around our unique model called The Successful Leader's North Star™. This model enables the leader to discover their very own leadership style from within.

Module 1

The Achievement Visualizor™

Guides the Leader into gaining clarity and direction by defining a Vision statement, from which measurable goals are derived.

Module 3

The Talent Catalyst™

This workshop focuses on leveraging talents to create greater synergies in the team

Module 2

Unique Talent Mapping System™

Is a process whereby the Leader defined the team's overall purpose, and discovers how to engage their team.

Module 4

The Radar Evaluator™

Is what enables the leader to zoom in and zoom out between the daily operational activities and the bigger picture.

"Without any judgment, criticism or advice, Deborah helped me sort out my priorities and take action. She's a good listener who inspires confidence and trust (...)"

Christine B. (Professional Translation Services)

"Deborah is an amazing coach and mentor. She finds the best in people and has an extraordinary knack of helping them find the confidence and drive to implement plans and achieve their goals. She is easy to confide in, very personable and a pleasure to work with"

Julie H. (Corporate coach and mediator)

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! (...) you helped me focus and find what was the real issue I needed to address at that moment.Then you helped me design on my own the right Action plan to address that issue. (...) I feel like I'm on the right track. I feel like I did my job as a leader!"

Marina T. (Project Manager)

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