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Vectoring Talents' three core values



Honesty and trust are the basis for transformational learning and development. Integrity is what navigates us as we prepare and deliver our workshops to serve our clients beyond their expectations, whilst honouring our ethical code.



Quality Relationships

Here at Vectoring Talents we prefer quality over quantity. Everything we do is founded on the importance of meaningfulness, the « Why » behind our efforts rather than the « How much ». Building meaningful relationships with our clients, our partners and our sponsors is what makes us tick.




« If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a leader » (J. Q. Adams).

Leadership is about ownership and accountability ; about translating a vision into reality ; about showing the way and going the way. We believe in learning from our mistakes, picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves down to keep moving. Leadership is about doing what's right, not what is popular.


Why we do what we do

At Vectoring Talents, we believe that being a Star Leader™ is about skill and attitude, rather than having an inherited leadership gene. Star Leaders™ are leaders who...

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